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Lost or Forgotten Memberships

From time to time, customers might forget to bring their membership card with them. Or they might have lost their card and need a replacement.

If a customer has forgotten their card but is a member it is easy to find them on the system and print a new card:

  • Start by opening MEMBERSHIP KIOSK, then click on CARD PRINTING.

  • Once you have opened this, ask the customer their FIRST NAME and SURNAME, this will bring up all customers on the system with this name.

    • If there is only one customer with the name provided, a card will automatically print. You should then type the membership card number on the back of the card into the CUSTOMER SEARCH section of MAXIM and ask the customer to confirm their address to ensure it is them.

    • If there is more than one person with this name, you should ask the customer to provide their address, then print the card with the matching address.

  • If the address they have given you isn’t listed, it could be that the customer has moved and not updated their address. You should ask if they have ever stayed at another address, if they have and it is on the system you should print out that card and then update their address on Maxim.

  • If you can’t find the customer at all, they may have been removed from the system; if a customer has not visited in a (very) long time, our system may have ‘tidied up’ and removed them. In this case they will need to re-join.

  • If the customer has forgotten their card, a day pass should be printed instead of a new card.

    • You can do this by clicking day pass instead of new card; This will issue them a paper ticket that they can use for that session.

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